Hi, I am Lisa of Midnight Parrot Place. I am a Certified Avian Specialist. I am raising these wonderful creatures for those of you that are looking for a lifetime companion parrot. I am not just here to sell parrots, I am here to match a companion parrot to your lifestyle. I LOVE these wonderful creatures and wish to share the joy they have brought into my life. I am committed to my customers as I am to my parrots and have an outstanding support system for my customers.

Midnight Parrot Place offers cages, food, toys, education and a lifetime of companionship. I can get most any type of parrot. All of my babies are raised in a home environment. While they are going thru the weaning process they get training, attention, social development and especially LOVE. 

​Thanks so much for stopping by.

Roselle, Illinois


"There are no bad days when you come home to a parrot"

Midnight Parrot Place...About Us


Midnight Parrot Place is in association with the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization and is located in Roselle, Illinois.

"Raising  Companion Parrots in our Home for your Home".