Hi, I am Lisa of Midnight Parrot Place. I am a Certified Avian Specialist. I am raising these wonderful creatures for those of you that are looking for a lifetime companion parrot.  I LOVE these wonderful creatures and wish to share the joy they have brought into my life. 

Being a hobby breeder in my home, appointments are necessary. 

We do ship using Delta airlines but prefer pick up. We will drive up to 2 hours to meet for a fee.

We do offer Boarding, limited space. 

Prices are per night:

Small $8.00

Medium $10.00

Large $12.00

Roselle, Illinois

Midnight Parrot Place...About Us


Midnight Parrot Place is in association with the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization and is located in Roselle, Illinois. Hobby breeder. 

"Raising  Companion Parrots in our Home for your Home".


My first concern is my babies well being, and my customers happiness with their new family member when you first bring them home to create a bond. Please make sure you educate yourself on owning a bird. Ask a lot of questions if you are unsure. Birds require a lot of attention their entire life. Don't buy because you see a well behaved bird, or because they are pretty or talk. It's not always easy. Each bird is an individual just like us. Your new baby needs to trust you as you need to trust them, you grow together creating a bond. Bringing a new bird home is exciting but please keep in mind they are leaving what they know and feel comfortable. They can be stressed from the change, so give them time to adjust. They need to see you are their new flock now. You want to make sure they feel safe with you. It may take a little work or it may take extra work to earn trust. Sometimes that bond does not happen. I understand this and will work with you if this should happen, please contact me within 48 hours of taking your baby home if you feel uneasy with your new baby. 

I now require coming to my home to pick out your baby in person if you are local. Babies as they grow and feather out can look different, I do not want any misunderstandings. Babies that are younger in the same clutch can look different as they grow they are all different ages. Days can make a difference in the growth of your baby. In pictures, the lighting, flash the fluff and growth of the feathers, how they are positioned can also make a baby look different.

Usually by the time a baby is two years of age that will be their color. 

I take pride in my hobby, and love to share with people. I love all my babies and want their new home to be happy, and that requires finding a good match. I am always here to help with any concerns. 


"There are no bad days when you come home to a parrot"