​Benefits of Midnight Parrot Place


* I have my own private breeder network that supplies our babies.

*  A member of Nationwide Parrot Place Organization.

* I provide consistent and ongoing socialization and development.

* I utilize proven nurturing guidance techniques in raising my babies.

* My babies are abundance fed and never forced weaned.

* My babies are taken carefully through hand-fed to fully weaned status.

* My babies are "Raised in a Home for a Home" to be companion parrots.

* I help the customer find the right companion parrot for their lifestyle.

* I assist in the purchase of the right bird, not just what is in stock.

* I provide our customers the education to succeed with their baby.

* I offer a limited guarantee to protect your exotic bird investment.

* I offer free ongoing support for you and your companion parrot.

* I focus on the exotic birds first, the sale comes second.

considering one of my special babies for your home, Call me today! 

Midnight Parrot Place Expectations

What can you expect when you partner with Midnight Parrot Place to bring a companion Parrot into your life?

Here at Midnight Parrot Place, I want those that choose to work with me to find the ideal companion parrot. I strive to ensure that each prospective new companion parrot owner is properly educated, assessed for the right type and fit of companion parrot, and truly understands the responsibility and obligation that goes with owning one of these magnificent creatures. I want to be sure the once my customers have decided to move forward with their decision to share their life with a companion parrot that they will have made a logical decision and not just an emotional one. 

The purchase of a parrot from the Midnight Parrot Place is just the beginning of our relationship. 

Roselle, Illinois




"There are no bad days when you come home to a parrot"